Pure Wellness in Bournemouth – Review of the Wellness Score Report

A little while ago, I went to the Pure Wellness centre to get ‘Wellness Score’ and report which is an assessment and analysis of your body composition, neuro-spinal health, functional fitness and nutrition, and many many other parameters regarding how your body functions. I really valued the whole experience and I would encourage everyone to do it and find out the details of your health!

Pure Wellness in Bournemouth
Pure wellness assessment in progress…

If, after reading this blog post, you’d like to do the same, you can use the code Magda39 to get your Wellness Score, a record of findings and two adjustments by the chiropractor for just £39 instead of £180. It’s really worth doing! Here’s why.

Pure Wellness in Bournemouth
The knowledgeable Dr Rebecca from Pure Wellness in Bournemouth.
Pure Wellness in Bournemouth
Pure Wellness in Bournemouth
My posture was assessed with professional equipment.

After undergoing all these detailed assessments, I recently got all the results and they turned out to be a bit worrying, but definitely fixable. The results are very detailed and Dr Rebecca was explaining them for about 30 minutes!

Pure Wellness in Bournemouth
Understanding the results of all the assessments was possible with the professional knowledge of Dr Rebecca.

My biggest problem is lack of core strength and flexibility and not enough muscle mass percentage. I basically know now what my partner has been telling me for a long time – I need to gain more muscle. I’ve already started a diet which contains more protein, and I’m also ready for some more gym sessions. I need to gain 6kg (about a stone) in muscle, which is not the same as fat obviously!

Pure Wellness in Bournemouth

I also know from the scans where the tension in my back is, so Dr Rebecca knows where to make some adjustments.

Pure Wellness in Bournemouth
The bed where the chiropractor’s adjustments take place.

When it comes to my mental health, I’m in a ‘fight or flight’ mode and my stress level is high…so I definitely need to relax a bit more in my busy lifestyle. Who doesn’t in these hectic times? I recently started yoga sessions, so hopefully that will help!

Yoga sessions can help if you feel too stressed…

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to do the Wellness Score report, because I was convinced that I was super healthy, but this detailed report made me aware that there are issues in my body that should and can be fixed. Remember that taking care of your health is the biggest investment you can make.

So if you want to take care of your or your relatives’ health in a professional way, remember you can use my code Magda39 to get a discount on the Wellness Score and adjustments. I’ll describe the adjustments in my next blog post. The whole experience is totally worth it!

Pure Wellness in Bournemouth
Adjustments at Pure Wellness in Bournemouth

Would you be interested in doing a similar wellness report?

AD-REVIEW – I was gifted the experience at Pure Wellness, but words in this article are my own and according to my opinions.

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