Brasserie Blanc restaurant. New Soufflé & Champagne guest concept

Bonjour Madame & Monsieur! What a pleasure (or rather le plaisir) it was to visit the local branch of Brasserie Blanc and eat an exquisite lunch, followed by a new guest concept – the mouth-watering Soufflé & Champagne dessert. If you’re looking for fine dining and some dreamy escapism from everyday, dull reality – search no more! Brasserie Blanc, under the patronage of famous French chef Raymond Blanc, really has it all.

Location, location, location! BB is placed in front of the sea, presenting you with stunning views of flowing waves and a never-ending horizon of turquoise water, which you can admire either from the beautifully-decorated restaurant or from the elegant terrace. You can even see Old Harry Rocks from the windows!

The views are not the only thing that will keep your eyes satisfied. The presentation of the dishes could be described as art. The pictures below present a tender grilled salmon with tomato hollandaise sauce and a confit duck leg in a dreamy citrus sauce.

What I really admire about Brasserie Blanc’s main values is that their ingredients are seasonal and sourced from local producers, making the restaurant sustainable, which we should always take into account when choosing where to eat out. Seasonality and sustainability mean that the actions of the restaurant don’t add to environmental problems.

The new guest concept that Brasserie Blanc is priding itself on right now is Soufflé & Champagne, which celebrates the start of Wimbledon. The addition of summer fruit such as succulent strawberries to sweet soufflé is quintessentially the taste of summer. The flavours of the soufflé are as follows:

  • strawberry soufflé served with macerated strawberries, vanilla ice cream and a strawberry coulis
  • poached apricots, amaretto and marzipan, served with an apricot coulis, apricots & vanilla ice cream
  • pistachio, served with a rich chocolate ice cream.

The idea of serving a soufflé is following the legacy of the famous cheese soufflé, which is still the number one dish at Raymond Blanc restaurants and has been served since the very beginning.

We all deserve a little treat from time to time. What sounds better than the pleasure of eating delicious meals in a restaurant with a sea view, followed by a sweet soufflé while sipping a glass of champagne. Did I mention that Brasserie Blanc has it all?

#gifted. I was gifted the experience, but all words are true and according to my beliefs.

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