Sculpture By The Lakes

This spot cannot be missed: a must-see hidden gem in Dorset that should immediately appear on your bucket list of places to see. The sculpture park belongs to one of Britain’s most talented contemporary sculptors, Simon Gudgeon, and features over 30 of his monumental sculptures placed by the lake in Dorchester.

Sculpture by the Lake
This is the swan sculpture that welcomes you at the entrance of the enormous garden by spreading its wings.
Sculpture By the Lake
You can buy Simon’s sculptures and display them in your garden. I’d love to have this mysterious, turquoise face.
Sculpture by the Lake
This face sculpture made the biggest impression on me since it looks as if it were almost merged with the trees and grew out of a trunk.

I guess the biggest encouragement to visit the place would be to look through some of the photos I took while visiting Sculpture by the Lakes. I got carried away with my imagination and tried to imitate some of the sculptures’ poses. It really is a unique place where you can take creative and memorable photos.

Sculpture by the Lake
Why not play the trumpet?
Sculpture by the Lake
Two ladies entering the pond.
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