Jurassic Coast Walks – 3 walking challenges.

If you don’t have any plans for this Sunday, I have put up blog posts about three different walks you can take on the Jurassic Coast cliffs. The routes are mentioned from the easiest to the most difficult. The things they have in common are breathtaking views, the calming sound of the sea, beautiful soaring seagulls and the unforgettable experience of walking in the footsteps of dinosaurs.

  1. From Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door

Easy walking challenge

Distance: 1.3 miles (one way); walking back is easier as it’s downhill

Facts in a nutshell:

  • The structure of the cliffs, rocks and fossils can tell you the story of Earth across 185 million years.
  • Lulworth Cove came into being because of a collision of continents.
  • Durdle Door is an iconic arch of limestone standing in the sea.
  • The area owned by a family called the Welds. They own 12,000 acres in Dorset in the name of the Lulworth Estate.

You can read my blog post about it here.

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