How to take memorable photos on the beach.

Golden sandy and pebbly beaches in Bournemouth are naturally beautiful backdrops for taking memorable photos. I know that there’s a common belief that spontaneous photos are the best and very often that’s true! But I think that there’s nothing wrong in thinking beforehand about planning it a little bit and organising accessories that will help you to take creative photos, and this blog post is about just that.

Hengistbury Head Bournemouth
Imagine that one day 50 years from now you’ll be looking at the photos you took on the beach, so why not making a little effort to make them more creative? I used the Story Art App template to create the impression of an old photograph that has been creased and bent a bit.

Think about the colour of your outfit

Thinking about the colour of your towel and the clothes you’re going to wear to the beach for your photoshoot is important. White, beige, blue or nautical stripey outfits will always look good (I hope Coco Chanel would agree!). Take nature as your inspiration and think about the colours you can see around the beach and the sea. There’s nothing too sparkly, shiny or bright, just natural shades of white clouds, blue sea, waves, and beige sand. My advice is to pick similar colours to merge with nature.

Bournemouth Beach
My favourite blue navy dress from Italian brand Dani –
Bournemouth Beach
Hengistbury Head Beach Bournemouth
My favourite part of the beach – pebbly Hengistbury Head.
This stripey beach windbreak proves how good this pattern looks on the beach.
Hengistbury Head Beach
White outfit juxtaposed with beige pebbly beach at Hengistbury Head.
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