How to take memorable photos on the beach.

Golden sandy and pebbly beaches in Bournemouth are naturally beautiful backdrops for taking memorable photos. I know that there’s a common belief that spontaneous photos are the best and very often that’s true! But I think that there’s nothing wrong in thinking beforehand about planning it a little bit and organising accessories that will help you to take creative photos, and this blog post is about just that.

Hengistbury Head Bournemouth
Imagine that one day 50 years from now you’ll be looking at the photos you took on the beach, so why not making a little effort to make them more creative? I used the Story Art App template to create the impression of an old photograph that has been creased and bent a bit.

Think about the colour of your outfit

Thinking about the colour of your towel and the clothes you’re going to wear to the beach for your photoshoot is important. White, beige, blue or nautical stripey outfits will always look good (I hope Coco Chanel would agree!). Take nature as your inspiration and think about the colours you can see around the beach and the sea. There’s nothing too sparkly, shiny or bright, just natural shades of white clouds, blue sea, waves, and beige sand. My advice is to pick similar colours to merge with nature.

Bournemouth Beach
My favourite blue navy dress from Italian brand Dani –
Bournemouth Beach
Hengistbury Head Beach Bournemouth
My favourite part of the beach – pebbly Hengistbury Head.
This stripey beach windbreak proves how good this pattern looks on the beach.
Hengistbury Head Beach
White outfit juxtaposed with beige pebbly beach at Hengistbury Head.

Play with your hat

If there’s one accessory that I immediately associate with the beach and the sea, it’s a straw hat. It doesn’t have to stay on your head…put it on the towel, lift it up in the air, or cover your whole face to create a bit of mystery.

Let it flow in the air.
Mysterious hat girl.
If you are looking for some inspiration for your photos, you can always check Pinterest and type ‘creative beach photos’. This is what I did. The first picture was really alluring so I decided to take a similar one.
Tanned legs
Who’s got tanned legs already?

Bring some tasty-looking food with you

Whether these are juicy fruit or other picnic food like pancakes, make your stay on the beach more pleasant by eating delicious things and don’t forget to capture it on your camera/phone.

Sweet strawberries, a sandy beach and the sea waves.
A pancake anyone?

Play with shadows

Taking photos of your silhouette is known to everyone isn’t it?

Play with some stones

My favourite of all the Bournemouth beaches is Hengistbury Head. It’s full of beautiful beige pebbles. There’s obviously the sandy part as well, but the stones – which may not be the most comfortable for sunbathing – can be used as your photo props instead.

To sum up, I’m a big believer in going the extra mile and being creative while taking photos so that they’ll stand out both in your photo album and Instagram feed. I hope this blog post will help you to be a bit more creative.

*Important! As much as I want to encourage you to enjoy your free time on Bournemouth’s beaches, I also want to emphasise that it’s important to go to the parts which are not too crowded and always keep a two metre distance from others. The pandemic is not over yet…