Best pastries you can eat in Bournemouth. My guide to sweet guilty pleasures.

We all crave something sweet and indulgent from time to time (I should say every day, shouldn’t I?). I’d say that our sweet tooth gets even sweeter in the autumn and winter months when we want something luscious and creamy to brighten up gloomy days. If you’re bored with eating the same cakes, here is my guide to original and delicious bakes from some of the best of Bournemouth’s patisseries and bakeries.

  1. Cube croissants and Cruffins from M’s bakery.

Everyone knows what a croissant looks like, but have you heard of new hybrids called cube croissants and cruffins? They are new crazes in the bakery world and if you want to try both of them, search no more. You can find them in the family-run coffee shop M’s bakery in Pokesdown. Buttery, flaky, fluffy and filled with delicious cream, cube croissants and cruffins will become your new favourite guilty pleasure. If you don’t believe my recommendation, just check the photos below.

Cube croissants are a very decent size. I would say that one can feed two people. But I wouldn’t blame you if you devour one just by yourself…
Cruffins – a hybrid of a muffin and a croissant.

2. Cronuts from Mark Bennett

I wrote a long article about cronuts here, so I won’t go into the details again. It’s a very interesting story about the hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut, so have a read once you finish this article. They are one of my beloved cakes that I buy almost every weekend. You can buy cronuts at the award-winning patisserie Mark Bennett, which has recently been acclaimed the best bakery in Dorset.

Chocolate or custard filling?
Don’t they look delicious?
Don’t forget to try other goodies at Mark Bennett’s.

3. Cannolli and other pistachio bakes at the Sicilian Moka Pot

Pistachio is one of the main Sicilian products and this Italian island prides itself on using pistachios in a variety of dishes. Moka Pot in Westbourne is a coffee shop specialising in Sicilian bakes and savoury dishes. Mamma mia (!) their cannoli and other pistachio cakes will melt in your mouth. This place is not to be missed and their cakes should be tried by everyone!

Pistachio sponge cake and ricotta cannoli with pistachios. Mouthwatering!

4. Small block doughnuts

Hand-made local doughnuts with very original flavours like Earl Grey Tea, Orange and Cardamom (to check more flavours click here). The bulk fermentation process that is used to bake them mean they’re super fluffy and soft. I promise they are doughnuts like no other you have ever tried! You can order them online or buy at different local cafes and shops in Bournemouth.

Chocolate and mint filling is an interesting flavour for a doughnut, isn’t it?

So this is my guide to the best cakes I have had the opportunity to try in Bournemouth. Even though I called them guilty pleasures, I don’t feel guilty at all. Eating them improves my mood and by buying them I help local businesses in these difficult times! So don’t hesitate to get yourself some sweet treats this weekend!

What other cakes would you add to my guide?