SkinID – a review of the skin clinic in Poole.

Who doesn’t want to have healthy and glowing skin? We all know it’s the basis of looking good, but also important for feeling confident about yourself. SkinID clinic in Poole, which I had the pleasure of visiting, offers a variety of facials and medical treatments to reduce or completely erase your imperfections and the signs of aging. Why not use them to pamper yourself? You can use my code – Magda10 – to get a 10% discount on all treatments!

Dr Irena Daniels is the owner of the clinic.

SkinID is run by former GP and fully-licenced practitioner Dr Irena Daniels, who has 17 years of experience, so you can be sure you are in good hands!

Some of the treatments that the clinic offers are:

  • Facials (adjusted to your skin type)
  • Micro-needling (helps with fine lines, scars, skin tone and texture)
  • Laser (repairs sun-damaged and aging skin, and diminishes scars, stretchmarks, acne and red veins)
  • Fillers (for example hyaluronic acid)
  • Botox
  • And many others!
Time to relax…

The treatment I had was supposed to help me with my enlarged pores and was composed of an exfoliating cleanser, an enzymatic peeling mask, a complexion-clearing masque, some hydrating moisturizer and SPF Hellocare. I also received an amazing scalp massage which really helped me to de-stress…

Sarah helped to assess what my skin needs and the treatment was great. My skin was glowing and smooth, and I looked so fresh!

The clinic is located in beautiful Sandbanks, which is a great opportunity to go for a walk by the harbour, before or after your treatment. My friend and I had a fantastic stroll after our visit.

What I really liked about the clinic is its minimalistic and classy interior, which will make you feel relaxed and help you to unwind.

Exposure to sun, cold, stress and the busyness of everyday life starts making its mark by exposing wrinkles, enlarging pores and simply creating dull-looking skin. SkinID is the perfect place to go if you struggle with skin imperfections. In the end, self-care and feeling good about yourself is something we shouldn’t forget when thinking about our well-being!

*I was gifted the experience, but all words are according to my genuine opinion!