June in Bournemouth: poppy fields, hand-picked strawberries and other pleasures…

Unfortunately, June wasn’t as warm as April or May, and July doesn’t seem to be summery either… but while looking through the photos I took in June, I smiled when seeing the explosion of colours. Red and pink poppies from Dorset fields, flowery peonies, crimson sweet strawberries hand-picked at a local farm, and tons of healthy banana and oat pancakes I ate with seasonal fruits. In this blog post you’ll find a huge dose of vibrant photos that will give you some summery energy – because the weather outside won’t! – and…my healthy banana-and oat pancakes recipe. I promise you can eat them without feeling guilty of consuming too many calories.


I think I’ve made up my mind and will forever say that peonies – seasonal, summery flowers – are my favourites! Just look at this pink explosion!

Peonies symbolise prosperity and good fortune.

Pink opium poppies

I follow a lot of Dorset photographers’ Instagram profiles and so I started seeing beautiful shots of pink poppy fields on their feeds. But when I tried to find where its location was, I couldn’t find any information at all! It turns out that it’s a secret known to only very few and it’s protected as if it were a cave full of gold. I did eventually found out, but I can’t tell you how… because I promised.

While taking photos at the field, I tried to be as careful as possible not to destroy the crops. They feel so precious because of their purpose and the mysterious location. Address: somewhere in Dorset…
In some countries, opium poppies are grown illegally to produce heroin, but these poppies will be manufactured into medical morphine to help patients ease their pain.

Apparently, opium poppy fields are grown in different locations every year to prevent people from knowing where they are.

With my friend who is as enthusiastic about beautiful nature as I am. We vowed not to reveal the secret location of the pink poppies.
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